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Florida Department of Health in Wakulla County - Mosquito Control

This is the landing page of the Wakulla County Mosquito Control System. To reach the main website for the Waklulla County Health Department please visit

Wakulla County Residents - Spraying is performed during the hours of sunset sunrise. Please note that spraying cannot be completed during rainy or foggy conditions or when wind is over 10 mph as it will not be effective. Larvacide can be requested to be placed in ponds or areas where water lies and is the most effective method. Adulticiding is the spray that kills adult mosquitoes and is safe to be sprayed near animals. It is possible that it may harm fish if sprayed too close to ponds or other sources of water. Spray requests are completed by zone.

During spray season, requests may be submitted by visiting the Mosquito Spray Management System. Please note that submitting an online request does not put you on a rotation, you must put in a request for each service. You may also call 850-926-0400 for assistance.