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  Mosquito Control

The pesticide we use is Envion, which is very effective at killing mosquitoes. We spray in the early morning and late evening when mosquitoes are most active and the chances of spraying honey bees is least likely.

You can now make Spray/No Spray requests online.
Online Mosquito Spray Management System.
or Call (850) 926-0410 to leave a message for mosquito control.


Please note the following regarding mosquito control:

  • We only spray when and where requested to spray.  If you don't want spraying in your area, you may contact us to let us know that also.
  • We do both Larvaciding, which goes into the water and kills the larva, and Adulticiding, which kills the adults.  Larvaciding is the more effective method.
  • We spray between sunset and midnight and also from 3am to sunrise.
  • We only spray when the wind is calm and below 10 mph.
  • We don't spray in the rain or fog.

If you have any questions about the Mosquito Control program, please contact Environmental Health at (850) 926-0401.

Mosquito activity for Wakulla County

Bird Identification

Report Dead Birds

American Mosquito Control Association
48 Oak Street
Crawfordville, FL 32327
(850) 926-0400
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